This year SRI RUTHRA KALIAMMAN TEMPLE celebrates 100 years (CENTENARY) of its existence in Singapore (1913-2013). The following are important highlights in the 100 year history of the Temple


Original Temple was set up as a small shrine housed in a wooden structure within the precincts of the former Alexandra Brickworks (present site of PSA Building / Alexandra Distripark) at Pasir Panjang. Mr Letchumanan Nadar an employee of the Brickworks was responsible for the establishment of the Temple dedicated to Goddess Ruthra Kaliamman in 1913.


Wooden structure of the shrine was replaced by a brick building to give it the form of a simple temple with idols of cement mortar statues (sothai) and framed pictures. The Temple co-existed in harmony in the company of other multi religious places of worship in close proximity within the Brickworks sprawling compound. The temple was patronized by the Hindu employees of the Brickworks and nearby Pasir Panjang Power Station and Hindu residents in the neighbourhood of the Temple.

1968 - 1969

Idols of Deities etc., were replaced with specially crafted granite statues of Sri Ruthra Kaliamman, Sri Sithi Vinayagar and Sri Subramaniar followed by Consecration Ceremonies. All three granite statues were imported from India and donated by the Late Mr Raman Nair an employee of the Pasir Panjang Power Station.


Granite statues of the Deities from the Temple had to be relocated to make way for demolition of the temple after being compensated by the Brickworks. They were auspiciously shifted and housed temporarily in Sri Manmatha Karuniya Eswarar Temple at 249, Cantonment Road with continuity of routine prayers and worship by Devotees until a new Temple building was ready.

1978 - 1983

Purchase of a 2000m2 site at Depot Road on a 99-year lease hold from HDB. The concept planning and design were based on South Indian Hindu Temple Architecture. The construction of a magnificent neo-classical temple building with sculptural and painting works together with a separate 4 storey Ancillary Facilities Building was completed in 1983. Temple Trusteeship and Society were registered under the Registrar of Societies with Dr A Vijiaratnam, Dr P N Unni and Mr S L Perumal serving as Trustees with Mr V Sivapragasam as President, Mr S Rasiah as Vice-President, Mr V R Nathan as Hon. Treasurer and Mr T M Kumar as Hon. Secretary who was mainly responsible for overseeing the planning, design, construction and fundraising along with the Trustees and many others who served in the Committees responsible for Building & Fundraising.


Inaugural Maha Kubabishegam (Grand Consecration Ceremony) was performed with the permanent installation of the granite statues of Sri Ruthra Kaliamman, Sri Sithi Vinayagar and Sri Subramaniar along with the symbolic representation of Sri Muneeswarar in the magnificent new abode at Depot road. The ancillary building with a multipurpose hall, wedding hall, staff quarters, library, meeting room, class rooms, etc along with the basement car park was inaugurated for use related to Social, Educational, Cultural and community related activities / events and religious functions.

11 Sept 1983 – 1987

Installation of granite statues of Sakthi Sametha Navagrahas and Kodi Maram (Flag Post) followed by Consecration.


Inaugural Chithra Powrnami Kodiyetra Thiruvizha (Flag – Hoisting Ceremony & festival) with 10-day prayers was performed from 22 April 1988. Chithra Powrnami Kodiyetra Thiruvizha is performed annually since then with great devotion and participation for 10 days.

2 Sept 1992

On completion of the new Shiva Sakthi Sanctum adjacent to the main Temple, a Kumbabishegam (Consecration Ceremony) was performed. Dr R Karunanithy, who served as the President of the Temple from 1986 to 2008 made a major donation towards the construction of the Shiva-Sakthi sanctum.

31 Aug 1995

1st 12 – year cyclic Maha Kumbabishegam was performed after carrying out necessary renovation and improvement works to the Temple Complex and Ancillary Building including construction of new Sanctums for Navagrahas & Sri Muneeswarar.

1 Sept 2003

On completion of the 65 feet tall majestic Raja Gopuram and execution of major upgrading and improvement works * to Main Temple and Sanctums, a grand consecration ceremony was performed.

25 May 2012

On completion of major upgrading and improvement works * to the Ancillary Building, with installation of lift, addition of 5th storey attic hall, rooms at every level, and replacement of all services with new improved services, a grand opening Ceremony was held with Mr S R Nathan, 6th President of Singapore as Guest of Honour.

Aug - Sept 2013

Sri Ruthra Kaliamman Temple commemorating 100 years in Singaore, 1913 – 2013. Centenary celebration with grand auspicious prayers from 23 Aug 2013 to 10 Sept 2013 & Centenary Celebrations Dinner on 21 Sept 2013.