Available Facilities at the Newly Refurbished Temple

The temple has been refurbished with the objective of making this place of worshipmore inclusive, with the sole objective of directly engaging the community. Detailed planning has gone into ensuring these newly refurbished facilities meet the needs of the community for various social and religious purposes. The following facilities have therefore been upgraded to be made available to our devotees and the community at large with immediate effect:

Multi-Purpose Room (2ndStory)

Refurbished Multi-Purpose/Dining Hall (3000 sq.ft.) with a maximum dinning capacity of 200 pax, suitable for hosting weddingreceptions,including serving of annathanam for all occasions, and hosting of religious and social function (viz. celebrations of Engagements,Anniversary, Ear Piercing and Birthday Parties)

Meditation Hall (4thStory)

A latest addition to the temple facilities, this newly refurbished air-conditioned venue (1300 sq.ft) can hold an estimated 120 pax. It is a multi-purpose venue that is suitable for conducting dance, music, yoga and meditation classes. It also has the flexibility of being converted into a venue that can hostorganized talks, seminars, bajans and other religious and social functionsorganized at a smaller scale.

Wedding Hall (3rdStory)

Refurbished air-conditioned wedding hall cum auditorium, which also includes a raised stage (3700 sq. ft.), with a maximum seating capacity of 400 seats. This venue has been made versatile to also host suitable religious, social & educational functions. The stage has been structured to cater to the needs of organizers hosting cultural performances, conference presentations and lecture demonstrations.

Attic Hall (5thStory)

A new concept, this new air-conditioned Attic Hall (2500 sq.ft) with open roof terrace has a maximum seating capacity of 250 pax.Whilst this provides as an alternative to host social and educational functions i.e., talks, seminars, bajans, receptions just to name a few, a key focus is to also attract the youth to this new space. It is hoped that the added “alfresco” open roof terrace would be an attraction to the youth to use this venue for their social, educational and cultural activities and practice sessions.